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Hand-made, Naturally Leavened, Oven-Fired Bread


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Welcome! The First Recipe: Cracking Toast!

Hello, to all of our fellow bread lovers! Each week, or every other week, you receive a loaf of our bread, and if you are like me, you eat it fresh with butter the same day you get it.

But what about three or four days later when the bread begins to stale? Is there any hope for the old heel? What about freezing it? I have thought for some time now that it would be helpful to pass along some of our tips and recipes for using our bread.  These are the questions you will find answered in this little blog.

I like to think of bread as a “whole food” much like carrots, broccoli, and potatoes are whole foods. You can simply cut them, and eat them raw, but there are countless ways they can be prepared for many occasions. Real bread is the same way.

I want to begin with a simple recipe: toast. We will not be using a toaster…. :-)

This recipe is the number one way that my family and I use our bread on a weekly basis. It is so easy, yet so delicious. Seriously, you will be addicted to this method forever!

Step 1:

Heat a skillet on the stove-top 30 seconds to a minute before you are ready to put in your bread. Generally a medium heat will do. I love cast-iron skillets, but any skillet will work.


Step 2:

Butter one side of your bread. (As a side note: Please do not be afraid of butter. Butter is truly your friend! I am grateful that more and more studies are showing the incredible health benefits of a food that has been a staple food for thousands of years.)

Step 3:

Place the bread with the butter side down in the pan for 2-3 minutes until it starts to brown. Once it has reached the level of brown-ness you like, flip it over and turn off the heat. It will continue toasting on the other side.

You are done! The outside is crisp and the inside is still soft. I have used this method of toasting on bread that is quite stale, and the outcome is almost identical to fresh bread.

"This is cracking toast, Gromit!"


Published: June 28, 2016

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