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Hand-made, Naturally Leavened, Oven-Fired Bread


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The First Step to a Perfect Loaf of Bread: Cutting Wood!

It may surprise you that the first thing we do each week before we even think about mixing dough is cutting wood for the oven. You might wonder… “So, what are you cutting?” “Where are you getting it?” “How do you burn it?”

Well, I will answer the first two questions today, and the third on another occasion.

First, we begin by locating a dead tree (before it has rotted) in our wood lot on the farm.Next, we cut the tree into sections and begin splitting and hauling. You probably guessed correctly that this is most labor intensive part of baking bread. ;-)

Lastly, after we split the wood, we load it into the oven to finish drying out the residual moisture in the logs. The oven maintains a good heat from one week to the next, and we use this heat to do the drying!

In our next post, we will share the next step: milling the grain!

Published: August 30, 2016

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