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Hand-made, Naturally Leavened, Oven-Fired Bread

About the Bakery

The Bakery | The Ingredients | The Process | The Oven

The Bakery

A Loaf

The Barefoot Baker is a family bakery. The bread we make is real, nourishing, and delicious. When folks learn that our bread is no more than freshly milled, organic flour from the bakery, pure water, and sea salt, they know they have found something unique and beautiful. Our operation is small and tightly knit, fully dependent on the relationships we have developed with our customers and the relationship to the farm land on which our bakery operates.

Our naturally leavened bread is baked early in the morning in a traditional brick oven after a cool, overnight rise. The freshly baked loaves are delivered the same day to a series of locations in Dallas for our customers to come and pick up at their convenience. The nature and structure of our business has been compared to the popular produce co-ops known as CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture). We are introducing the Community Supported Bakery to Dallas.

More Loaves

We have sought to include enough information on this website to give you a glimpse into the process, the ingredients, and the vision of our bakery, but you are welcome and encouraged to meet us at the bakery on the farm, or call and ask questions about your bread. We care deeply for our family and the food we feed them, as do our customers for their families. This is the bread our children eat, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you and your family as you seek to eat and enjoy real food.

The Bakery | The Ingredients | The Process | The Oven