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Hand-made, Naturally Leavened, Oven-Fired Bread

About the Bakery

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The Ingredients

Unbroken Grains

All of the wheat we use is whole and organic. After milling the grain at the bakery in our stone mill, we lightly sift out only the largest pieces of bran and unbroken grains, leaving a natural and honest flour to use in our baking.

The flour is used very fresh. By using it quickly the bran oils do not have a chance to become rancid and lend a bitter flavor to the bread. (This is why whole wheat bread in the store often has sugar added to it.) In addition to compromised flavor in conventional whole-wheat bread, many of the valuable nutrients contained in the grain deteriorate rapidly after being milled.
Most importantly, the only ingredients you will find in our bread are organic whole grains, purified water, and pink Himalayan sea salt. That's it. Compare that to a leading whole wheat supermarket brand that lists up to 27 ingredients on their label. Don't be fooled! Eat simple bread and enjoy it!


Most importantly, we do not add yeast to our bread…ever. Instead, we ferment our dough with a natural leaven. Essentially, it's sourdough, but in flavor, it is so much more than that. No biting acidity or density, just a crisp crust, a soft crumb, and a matchless quality of flavor.

The leaven is grown and cultivated from a culture of beneficial microbes that render the bread vastly more nutritious and digestable. They also add the majority of the flavor! These microscopic creatures provide the key for people who normally choose not to eat bread because of digestive trouble. Those who experience problems with conventionally prepared grains fare much better with natural leaven.*

Working with natural leaven is much more of an art than science. We are deeply indebted to this culture of micro-life for their work. That leaven is the boss! We do what they say, and the reward is very rich.

The Bakery | The Ingredients | The Process | The Oven