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Hand-made, Naturally Leavened, Oven-Fired Bread

About the Bakery

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The Oven

The Oven (and dog)

Together with the ingredients and the natural fermentation, the oven forms the third leg of the stool at the bakery. Without the oven, the bread would neither look, taste, nor feel like it does. The strength of the oven lies in its ability to retain a tremendous amount of heat within the masonry for long periods of time, allowing the bread to bake without a fire burning.

The oven is fired for approximately eight hours the day before the bread is to be baked. The 10 inch walls and 13 inch floor are saturated with heat during this time. This creates the stored heat that will transfer to the loaves that are placed on the hearth floor the following morning.

John and Dave (From Texas Oven Co.)

Construction on the oven began in July of 2014 when John first began communicating with Texas Oven Co. Plans were discussed, and the first stones were laid that December. Construction came to a close in April of 2015 when the brick finish, consisting of salvaged, locally made bricks from east Texas, was laid.

The oven has been used frequently since then to bake the bread and a host of other delicious farm meals now available to the Bed and Breakfast guests at Restoration Homestead. The oven is a beautiful facet of the farm where John enjoys sharing with visitors all of the details of its construction and use within the bakery.

The Oven (Brick Detail)
The Bakery | The Ingredients | The Process | The Oven